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Turbo by Garrett GT2871R (28RS) Ball Bearing

GT2871R (28RS) Ball Bearing

Dual Ball Bearing GT2871R turbo assembly with T25 style turbine inlet. Comes with internal wastegate pre-assembled when purchased with T25 style...


Turbo by Garrett GT2876R Dual Ball Bearing

GT2876R Dual Ball Bearing

Dual Ball Bearing GT25/40-R Turbo assembly with specified ar. T25 style inlet flange with 5 bolt style exit. Large 60- 1 style compressor housing...


Turbo by Garrett GT3037R Ball Bearing

GT3037R Ball Bearing

The one and only dual Ball Bearing GT3076R Turbo assembly (Garrett P/N: 700382-5012) with turbine housing of your choice. T04E frame size compressor...


Turbo by Garrett GT3071R Ball Bearing (Internal Wastegate)

GT3071R Ball Bearing (Internal Wastegate)

Based upon the same turbo as the HIGH flowing, larger framed GT3071R, but conveniently packaged into the same style turbine housing as the popular...


Turbo by Garrett GT35R (35/40R) 600hp

GT35R (35/40R) 600hp

Dual Ball Bearing GT35/GT40R Turbo assembly. T3 style inlet flange with default GT 4 bolt style exit. Large T04S style compressor housing with 4.00...


Turbo by Garrett GT3788R Dual Ball Bearing (700 HP)

GT3788R Dual Ball Bearing (700 HP)

GT3788R Dual ball bearing turbocharger. T3 or T4 inlet with 3" v-band outlet. .89 A/R, .99 A/R, or 1.11 A/R. Similar external dimensions to GT4088R...


Turbo by Garrett GT4088R (700hp+)

GT4088R (700hp+)

Dual Ball Bearing GT40R Turbo assembly. T4 style inlet flange with 3.00" V-BAND exit. Large style compressor housing with 4.00" inlet and...


Turbo by Garrett GT42R Ball Bearing (4202R, 4294RS)

GT42R Ball Bearing (4202R, 4294RS)

The T04 Flanged GT42 turbos are back right on time for the drag race season. Dual Ball Bearing GT42R/GT42RS Turbo assembly available now. Exhaust...


Turbo by Garrett GT4508 (45R 1200HP)

GT4508 (45R 1200HP)

Turbo, Ball Bearing Garrett GT4508R (aka GT45R) . Capable of close to 1200HP! Compressor wheel diameter is 108mm exd. / 80.8mm ind. (56trim)...


Turbo by Garrett GTX2867R Ball Bearing

GTX2867R Ball Bearing

New GTX2863R dual ball bearing turbo with ultra high flow compressor wheel featuring Garrett 11-Blade technology . **Turbine Housing is sold...